Reef Octopus Octo Regal 250-S Space saving (~ 2.400L)

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Octo Regal 250-S Space saving (~ 2.400L)



Featuring a small footprint, the OCTO series Regal space saving skimmer (Regal-S) is an in-sump protein skimmer ideal for aquariums with limited sump space. Regal-S further features high-quality cast acrylic body construction, easy disassembly for maintenance, a precision control gate valve and a hybrid conical body which helps to naturally stabilise and concentrate the organic rich foam as it rises.


In addition, Regal-S is run by controllable VarioS skimmer pump which features a pinwheel impeller, a detachable controller, high quality ceramic shaft and bearing to reduce wear and tear, and the latest variable speed flow technology for refined control, enhanced performance, energy-efficiency and safer operations.


Unlike the vast majority of circulation pumps which uses alternating current (AC), our VarioS pump boasts several key advantages over traditional AC pumps, namely, higher energy efficiency, safer operations at a working voltage of 24V and most notably, the variable speed control to adjust the ideal mix of air and water flow into the skimmer.

Enhanced Control


With the VarioS controller, users have control over the flow rates by selecting amongst five preset speed settings ; indicated by five lit LEDs. A 15 or 60 minute feed mode can also be engaged or disengaged with the push of a button .


In addition, a rotatable volute allows users to adjust the output orientation horizontally or vertically (up or down), depending on their needs.


Under normal usage, VarioS pump has an expected lifespan/product life expectancy of 10 years .


Available in 4 models – Regal 150-S, Regal 200-S, Regal 250-S and Regal 300-S .





Technical data




  • Product:  Regal 250-S  
  • Wet/Dry:  WET          
  • Cup Diameter:  250mm
  • Neck Diameter: 140mm
  • Footprint: 350/295 mm
  • Height: 620mm
  • Output Size: ø50mm
  • Tank Volume: 2400L

Skimmer Pump


  • Product: VarioS 6-S
  • Wet/Dry:  Both        
  • Air Intake: 2400L/H
  • Power: 70W/50Hz
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2000L/H  
  • Connection size: ø40mm



Features & Benefits


  • Ultra compact , superior performance
  • VarioS DC pumps specifically made for protein skimmers
  • High quality hand-made solid cast acrylic construction
  • Controllable and variable speed for energy-efficient and silent operation
  • Float switch monitor
  • Hybrid conical body for better foam fractionation
  • Over sized collection cup with drain
  • High volume air intake
  • Easy Maintenance



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